Action Plan Template

Action Plan Template

Use this action plan template is one of the most important goal setting tools you can use. Once you have determined your goals, it helps to write them down. However, the details you will think about and document in this worksheet are what will really move you toward your goals.

Download Action Plan Template as PDF file (65 kb).

Here are some guidelines for completing the worksheet:

  1. Write your goal at the top of the page. Don’t forget to use the SMART Criteria in wording your goal.
  2. Write a few comments about why the goal is important to you. This will help reinforce the emotional aspect of the goal that will motivate and inspire you to act.
  3. Break down the steps you can take to move you toward your goal. The steps should be “bite-size” chunks that are manageable and that will help you see progress toward a big or long-term goal. Important: You do NOT need to know ALL the steps necessary to bridge the gap from where you are today to achieving your goal. Start with the first few steps you know, and the others will become more obvious as you progress.
  4. Establish a deadline date to complete each step.
  5. Identify other people or organizations (if appropriate) who must be involved in each step. This could be a spouse, your business unit, or other people or groups that have resources you need to complete the action.
  6. Identify the time required to complete each step. Here, I like to make note of two times: (1) the actual “working” time necessary, and (2) the calendar duration since activities often occur over multiple days. Caution:It is common to under-estimate the time needed. Be realistic or perhaps a little conservative, and make a note of the actual time. This will help you get better as you have more practice estimating time.
  7. Estimate any related costs to complete each step.
  8. Identify performance measures or triggers that will let you know that the step has been completed.
  9. For each step that will extend for more than a few days, identify review and evaluation points where you will come back and review your progress and see if the action is still appropriate. Also consider if there are situations that you might need to change the step and note them here.

Now you are off and running! For some added inspiration as you complete the Action Plan Template, visit our Action Quotes

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