Goal Thermometer for Charting Progress

goal thermometer, goal setting tools

Use this goal thermometer to chart your progress in achieving your goals with a specific numerical objective.

This chart has 50 minor lines (degrees) grouped in 10 major sections of 5 lines each.

You can also track the percentage of your progress toward a goal. In this case, each line would represent 2% of your goal.

Download Goal Thermometer as PDF file (46 kb).

goal thermometer, goal setting tools

To use this graphics file (jpg format):

  1. Hover your mouse over the graphic and click your right mouse button
  2. Select the option to “Save Picture As”
  3. Select a location on your local computer where you will be able to find the file
  4. From your favorite software program (i.e. Microsoft Word, Power Point, etc.), select the following menu sequence: Insert – Picture – From File and find the location where you saved the graphic.
  5. Once inserted, you can format the graphic to change the size and shape for your use.

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