Motivational Quotes

These motivational quotes can help give you the boost we all need from time to time. Goal setting and motivation go hand-in-hand, because going after our goals is not always easy or quick, particularly in today’s environment of instant gratification.

Quotations are a wonderful source of inspiration and can be very powerful in helping motivate you to take action.

I have been gathering and collecting my favorite quotes for many years. I quickly realized I didn’t want to be another “Bartlett’s” with many thousands quotes to share. Instead, I wanted quotes that really spoke to me, particularly as I’ve set about improving myself through personal development and goal setting. These are some of the quotes I want to share with you.

To get us started, here’s my all-time favorite quote; I think of it quite often as I go through my day:

You are not here merely to make a living.
You are here in order to enable the world
to live more amply, with greater vision,
with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
You are here to enrich the world,
and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.

(Woodrow Wilson)

I encourage you not to rush through to read as many as you can, but take time to think about what these quotes mean to you and how you can apply their philosophy, inspiration, and motivation in your life. THAT’S where the power is!

Since this is a goal setting reference, let’s start with Goal Quotes.

If you’re getting ready to set goals, the Life Quotes and Success Quotes will help put you in the right frame of mind for how you define success and what you want from life.

Another popular motivation is this Success Poem often attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Future Quotes and Potential Quotes will help inspire you as you think about all the possibilities for your goals and your life.

The Passion Quotes, Purpose Quotes, and Happiness Quotes will help you focus on your unique strengths, interests, and contributions.

Once you’ve set your goals, Action Quotes and Excellence Quotes will help reinforce that nothing happens without your effort.

Other successful habits that will help you achieve your goals are addressed in Attitude Quotes, Thoughts and Beliefs Quotes, Discipline Quotes, and Focus Quotes.

We often want to give up when our goals are met with some resistance or obstacle, for a little extra motivation and inspiration to propel you to success, visit our Change Quotes, Courage and Confidence Quotes, and Determination Quotes.

Things don’t always go as we plan, for encouragement in the face of challenge or failure, please review these Learning and Failure Quotes.

By the way, I’ve tried to provide proper attribution to the original sources of these motivational quotes. Please let me know if there are any that may be in error, or if you know some of the sources I have identified as “unknown”. Thanks!

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